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Why  Buy our Products

1.    Impeccable Track Record: TigerTurf manufacturing plants are located throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to these locations, we have major operational offices across Europe and India. Our products can be found in well over 85 countries across the globe. This translates to millions of TigerTurf installations completed every year on any continent. Our universal efforts have created a world-renown reputation for high quality products coupled with excellent customer service. Therefore, feel confident that when you buy TigerTurf US products, you will receive only the best in both product and service. 2.    Advanced Products: Our product lines have gained the utmost respect within all channels of our industry. From homeowners, pet owners, installers, and yes, even our competitors. We are a globally recognized brand because our unique capability allows us to surpass the industry standard without compromising our product’s undeniable realistic look and feel. By offering a vast product line that caters to every synthetic turf need imaginable, we are able to cater to all demographics. From pet mats to the largest of sport stadiums, whatever your needs, rest assured, we can exceed them.  3.    Comprehensive Warranty: Our rigorous quality control process is backed by our comprehensive product warranty which covers all aspects of our manufacturing procedures. At TigerTurf US, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, sales support and extensive product knowledge. 4.    Return On Investment Synthetic grass, once the basic sport stadium alternative to landscape has now evolved into the top guaranteed solution for showcasing beautiful, durable grass year round. Our synthetic grass lines have developed into not only aesthetically pleasing and evergreen products, but they have also served great benefits for the natural environment while saving money. It is a well-known fact that on average people save between 50 to 60 percent on their monthly water bill. In addition to monthly savings, your synthetic grass installation can help conserve water and keep harmful natural grass pesticides out of the water table. According to U.S. Drought Monitor, for the past 14 years, the United States has been experiencing moderate to severe drought patterns that must be taken into consideration. Now, more than ever, water is a definitive resource that must be conserved within communities across the nation. Help your community save money, time and water with TigerTurf U.S. products! 5.    Unprecedented Quality: TigerTurf US has met and continues to exceed the stringent international sports performance standards for the top athletic regulation boards, including FIFA, ITF, IRB and World Bowls. Our product lines quality, performance and safety features are independently tested and certified by global sport federations so your synthetic turf will perform every year for every game.